Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jul 30

Time for a run.  I was sore in my upper legs (hammies+quads+butt) and upper arms yesterday, which was the day after an intense 30min plyos session.  Haven't been sore like that in a while. My arms were almost useless, as even pushing myself up in bed or whatever was a challenge. 

I had a nice 10 hr sleep last night, after 4, 4, 7, 4 during the weekdays.  I needed the sleep to help with recovery, too.  I took an extra 2.5 hr nap, since I was still a little sore.

After the nap, I was going to go out to the treadmill to maybe get in a LR... 8-12, but the window didn't feel that hot, and it looked cloudy outside, so I got the idea to go downtown for an outside run.  I did a full-body test of the temp, and it was warm but seemingly tolerable if I would go slow enough.

I had prepped for a LR earlier by sticking half a tab of a Nathan Catalyst electrolyte fizzy pill into a water bottle to let it finish fizzing before my run.  I made the mistake once of drinking it immediately after mixing pill and water, and it fizzed up in my tummy.  Since I'd be doing this outside, I added some ice cubed and poured half into 2 Nike fuel belt flasks, filled the half-full water bottle back up with water, and added like a tsp of salt and some lemon juice to the bottle.  A little too much salt, but I was pouring it straight and didn't have very much control of it.

So went out, started slow. had said that it'd be around 94 degrees for the run.  It was hotter at first and cooled down as the sun approached sunset.  If I wanted to repeat the run I did 2 weeks ago, I'd have had to do 3 laps, but that seemed tough given the conditions, so I told myself that I could just to do 2 laps and be happy, and that helped.  Normally, it helps when I think of the longer distance goal, since it signals my mind to just zone out and go on auto-pilot.  Today was different, though... I guess with the heat, my Central Governor (see Tim Noakes's book Lore of Running) needed to be convinced that my effort could be sustained for the intended distance without catastrophic failure.  I ended up feeling okay besides the general tiredness after lap 2, so I tacked on half a lap... oh... I actually stopped at the candy portion of the lolipop run (the candy portion is the lap part) and didn't finish the full distance.  That's a first, but I am satisfied with that decision.  My legs are still recovering from plyos, I already did a good bit, and I could've pushed through the heat and tiredness, but it might've impacted the next training week or even risked injury.  So I had a nice mile-long cooldown run.

It was good that I had brought the water.  The stumpish water fountains in the park... only 1/4 worked, and the one that did was warm.  At least there was the one.  Last time, the two on my part of the course didn't work at all.

9.1 in 1:23:34, 9:12 ave (record slow for this year, out of all runs of all distances).   707 cal.
Splits> 8:52 b, 6:34 p short, 8:00 c, 7:54 p, 7:58 b long, 6:34 p s (even split!), 7:52 c (sped up), 7:32 p (even more!), 7:51 b l, 6:35 p s (almost even split!), 7:48 b l.

Oh yeah, I did have 2 Gu Chomps for energy, since I had a 2nd lunch of 2 vegan corndogs at 2pm, napped until 5:30pm, then went out to run at 7pm.  I also had fruit leather, but that was before the run.

My fueling has been very carby and proteiny in the past few days.  Haven't been in the mood for veggies, and only partially in the mood for fruit.  It's kind of odd.  It's like my tummy's already maxed out and doesn't want the extra volume or something.  Strange.  The result is that this week, I've averaged only 3ish servings/day, vs. the 5ish I usually get.  I hope it doesn't harm my immune system.  I'm taking vitamins during meals where I don't have fruits/veggies, but vitamins aren't anywhere near as good as the real stuff, which has so much more than just raw minerals.  I almost never ever get sick... a minor, minor cold once every 2-3 years, maybe, which only lasts like 2 days and just consists of a stuffy nose and tiredness.  I think the combo of exercise (which strengthens the immune system as long as you're not overtraining) and superfood fueling does it.  My sleep and stress level would otherwise bring down my immune system by a lot, so the exercise and nutrition must be doing tons to undo the effects of those and still keep me healthy.

So... hope the desire for veggies and fruit does come back.  But maybe it'll be good if it's not here while I'm in Mexico, since I can't safely eat raw veggies then.

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