Thursday, August 4, 2011

Aug 4

Yesterdayyyyy, personal training time with Kevin Cambell (the Bob Harper lookalike).  Ready for some more punishment.

On the menu...
- Vert jumps touching the wall, 2 min
- 20 unweighted barbell deadlifts
- Hang from bar, make toes touch bar... only did it like 5x before I had to switch to halfsies.
- 20 unweighted barbell deadlifts
- Hang from bar, knees to elbows... only managed a few before I had to switch to halfsies.
... thought my abs were stronger than that... but maybe it's the back or something that does the work
- 20 barbells w/ 20lbs deadlifts
- Frog jumps, 1 min
- Lunge jumps, 1 min
- 90 degree Scissor kicks while laying on back, 1 min
- Box jumps, 2 min... didn't quite get my footing on the box and slipped off 2x and hit my shins...
... my balance or focus or strength was reallly off today
- Plank w/ knee crawl
- Situps w/ feet anchored and upper body hanging off a bench
- 20 Tricep dips
- 50 woodchops per side w/ 6lb medball
- 20 Burpees w/ legs splitting out instead of the pushup
- 45-35-25 lb kettlebells, 20x each

Got a little dizzy/fuzzy a couple times from lack of O2 or something.  Off today.

Spinned afterwards for 60 min.  Okay... it was disappointing when I saw that the distance meter would keep cranking up even when I purposefully pedaled extremely slowly.  The distance and calorie counters are a joke.  It says I did 41.5 mi in 60 min... no way was I pedaling 41 mph.  The machine was even set on level 4/20.  I don't know what's wrong with it.  It also says I burned 825 cal.  Not in 60 min I didn't. 

Oh well, still a decent way to get a bit of training volume in.  Time went by less quickly this time, even though I was reading the same magazine as last time.  The text looked really tiny, and it was harder to zone out.  I think my brain was still fuzzy.  I did crank up the tempo a little bit when Kevin and his next client were on the machine next to mine.  Having people around makes you work harder.  Strange how that works.  I thought I was pretty self-motivated, but people boost it even more.


I considered whether I wanted to work out today after a challenging workout yesterday that leaves me somewhat sore today.   I decided yes, so that I could potentially get the exercise-while-depleted training effect, and also get in a little more volume this week.  Then, I had to decide... run outside, or go to the gym.  It was cool outside, and I would've done that, but I didn't get out of work until 7:30 (after getting in at 8:00), so gym it was.  My legs couldn't take the hard surface of the treadmill, and my back is all sore from yesterday, so bike it was... recumbent bike, so that my back could rest.  Watched the Food Network's Chopped... interesting show... they give contestants an eclectic mix of ~4 ingredients, and they have to somehow pull it together into a dish.

Bike session... 60 min, 590 cal, 19.3 mi. More reasonable, although my [limited] experience tells me that your body can generate more power on a stand-up bike vs. a recumbent bike, so maybe it's supposed to be lower.

Afterwards, tried running a couple of steps, but the treadmills at the gym have no cushioning, and my body couldn't take it.  I ended up using the punching target for 10 min instead.  I think I could go at it harder today than last time, now that there's more muscle memory.

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