Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jul 10

Did the 10 today.  I went very slowly at first, and since I was on the treadmill, I constantly changed up my stride to get some variation in the forces applied to different muslces.  High knees, butt kicks, shuffle... tried to be creative. 

Splits> 9:01, 8:57, 8:54, 8:48, 8:43, 8:36, 8:28, 8:08, 7:52, 7:28. 

10.0 in 1:25:00, 8:30 ave.  Nice, even numbers, huh?  First LR in over a month!!!

Not much planning had gone into this run.  A couple hours before (before a nap... pretty much always a multi-hr nap every weekend day), I figured I'd get in a normal base run.  I ended up going to the fitness room at 7pm, though, and a Harry Potter special was on CNN at 8pm, no matter what, I'd be there a while.  Went for it, wearing the light Kinvaras, and it worked.  Not too hard, either.  Afterwards, felt fine, like I could've gone farther, had the terrain been more uneven.  It was 79 degrees (very cool, compared to the outside!), so the bottle of water I drank during the run was a big help, I'm sure.  Not sure I could've gotten through without it, since my body was so heated up.

Getting acclimatized to the heat is supposed to make you sweat more, but with less salty sweat.  I wonder why the saltiness of the sweat makes my eyes sting on the occasional run, then. 

I did great on sleep in the last couple of days.  You'd be so proud.  Sleep for the week: 4, ?, 4, 5, 5, 9, 8+nap, 7+nap.  Maybe I can keep it up, or at least get 7 on more nights.

Yesterday's FIT:
Recumbent bike intervals, 79 degrees.  10 min warmup, 12x[2 min on, 30s off (easy)], 5 min cooldown.  I measured my HR right after the last few "on" reps, and I only hit 160bpm.  I was suprised.  Thought it would've been more, but I guess there's not as much muscle recruitment with biking compared to running.  That's why for equal time, the equivalent mileage of biking to running is low.  For 45 of running, I could do 5 miles, but I'd give this workout a 2.5 mi equivalent. 

12.2 mi in 45 min.  380 cal.

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