Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jul 16 - p

Harry Potter was so good!

It was a good day for a run today.  Every day is a good day for a run, but today especially.  It was relatively cool for mid-July.  I went out at 3pm, so it wasn't great then, but cooler for that time of day than normal.  There was some cloud cover half of the time, and it was in the upper 70s.

I started off pretty well, but it got hotter as the run went on, and I was reaaaaly thirsty by the end.   The water fountain on the course doesn't work.  Park fail.  I wanted to do 3 laps, but I only did 2 because of it.  

Plantar fasciitis... could feel it a bit on the run, but runnable.  Knees yoinked a couple of times when I overstrided a bit, but okay normally.  

8.7 in 1:13:44, 8:27 ave.  664 cal.   Definitely a regression run, though.  

Splits> 7:58 b, 6:05 p short, 7:21 c, 7:21 p (perfect split!), 7:23 b long, 6:17 p short (slowed starting from here), 7:33 c, 7:37 p, 7:34 b long, 8:30 car.  Finally had a water fountain in the last mile.  Felt much better after drinking up, although I was a bit sloshy after drinking that much.

(post-run... forced the smile, b/c I was so worn out by the run... mostly the dehydration)

 (dirt everywhere = a sign that you did something)

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