Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jul 24

I was tight today (and yesterday, I guess), from the workouts this week.  I had 2 stretch sessions yesterday.  I've also slept a decent amount, with 3.5 and 2 hr naps.  The naps are good for recovery - the elites take daily naps.  On my weekend naps these two days, though, I've woken up stiffer. 

After taking Saturday off, it was time to work out again today.  I chose to run outside on the grass for a few reasons: 1) needed the grass for a soft, uneven surface to work out the tightness.  2) wanted some mentally refreshing outside time.  3) don't wanna spoil myself too much with 70 degree gyms.

The soft, uneven surface was great.  Needed it.  Haven't been out in a week.  The 10 miles on treadmill this week was pounding at the same angles. The heat was a challenge, though... "feels like" 94 degrees at 8pm.

4.4 in 39:05, 8:52/mi.  371 cal.  Very slow, but I got good acclimatization time.  Maybe if I had water during the run, I could go farther, but I am hesitant to stop mid-run for anything.  I should maybe get over that so that I can get some more mileage in.  Not unreasonable to take a minute to drink. 

Splits> 6:52, 6:35, 6:34, 6:31, 6:29, 6:01.

Had a right hammie yoink late yesterday, maybe from extreme stretching.  Nothing too serious.   Runnable, will go away on its own, I think.

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