Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jul 18

I started a 30-day gym membership today, which I purchased through Groupon.   Just in time, since my apt's fitness room just closed down for renovations for who knows how long, and just as it's getting to the peak heat of the summer.  It'll be a nice time to do some x-training and just build a nice endurance base and just enjoy working out and gaining fitness without having any races that could be compromised by shaking things up and increasing overall volume.

Activity 1:
Pump class.  I've heard the name before but didn't know what it was.  It was good - a long bar free weight used to work the entire body.  We started with hammies with some arms via dead lifts, and we did lunges, shoulders, triceps, and a wee bit of abs.  It was a nice way to mix it up.  It wasn't super challenging, but that's the way you want it.  Enough to produce some adaptations without risking overdoing anything.  I still feel like I'll be sore tomorrow, mostly in the hammies. 

Activity 2:
This is what I had wanted to do yesterday, except the fitness room was closed, and they changed the lock.  Intervals.  Wore my A4s for speed.  It went well.  I wasn't expecting much, since it's been so long since I've done intervals, and speedwork in racing flats probably isn't the best for plantar fasciitis, but it went well. 

On a scale of 2-5 with 5 being my toughest speed session, I attempted and managed the level 4 quite well.  Body took it well.

0.5 mi @ 7.5mph, 4 x [0.5 mi @ 9mph, 0.25 @ 7.5mph].  7.5mph feels so slow after coming off of 9mph.  I focused on quick small steps to get speed to avoid the issues caused by overstriding.  The first rep felt relatively easy, and I toyed a bit with the idea of doing 3/4 mi reps, but that would've been the level 5 workout, so I stayed conservative, and it paid off.  4.0 in 29:13, 7:18 ave.  Hmm... sounds a bit fast.  Nah, I guess it's fine.  Yeah, it's fine.  I could do 13.1 @ 7:22, so 7:18 is reasonable.  Good workout.

BP was 168 afterwards... surprised.  Thought it would be higher.  71 degrees in the gym... felt pretty good, compared to what I usually get... 79ish. 

Had a banana after the pump class.  Did fuel after work and b/f the workout, but needed the additional fuel afterwards.  After the sprints, had protein powder.  Got home, fueled up more.  Body always craves quality fuel after workouts... roasted broccoli with garlic, mixed greens, orange, jalapeno cheesy puffs (not quality, but quick carbs with a bit of salt), some goldfish as always. 

The gym had been so fun that I thought "I could get used to this", spending an hour or two there each day, but I wouldn't because it's a little bit of an extra drive, and I need my recovery days anyways.  But it was super fun.  Working out always feels like a vacation to me. 

As I refueled, enjoyed another replay of a Womens World Cup match.  It was great... post-workout endorphins, good food, watching a match.  Mmmm...

Unfortunately, I'm pretty tired now.  So many OT and PK games!!!  Takes a long time to watch.  Now it's 12:30am, and I probably have to get up at 5am or so to work.  Bother.  I got only like 3 hrs of sleep last night from being up until 3amish to work.  Bother bother.  But fun evenings like tonight make it alright. 

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