Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Marathon Selection Time

I had been eyeing the Space Coast Marathon for some time for my next BQ attempt.  I don't have very many options on which dates to go for, due to project-related vacation freezes at work.  Either Thanksgiving or Christmas, or March.  After that, it gets too hot. 

I've considered...

Space Coast Marathon in FL in November
- So much GU, means I don't have to weigh myself down carrying my own
- Fun, unique theme
- Flat and fast
- It'll be hard to get 20 milers in while I'm in Mexico at 1.65 miles of altitude.  On a treadmill.  Impossible, maybe.  3 milers kill me as it is.
- I'm unsure of the effects of altitude.  I felt drained after one week there last time.  This time, I'd be there for 2 weeks.  Don't know if it was the altitude.  Travel risks in general, getting sick from food or whatever.

Philadelphia Marathon in PA in November
- I know the course (did the half) and the city overall fairly well
- Cold :)
- Family almost certainly can't come
- Ditto on Mexico and 20 milers.

Myrtle Beach Marathon in SC in February
- Just a couple of hours away
- Timing
- Easy for my family to come watch
- Warm in the second half under the sun
- Headwinds for 10 miles

SunTrust National Marathon in DC in March
- Timing allows me to train over the winter and get over plantar fasciitis
- Timing means I'll be better rested
- I like big city marathons.  DC is cool, and friends live there.
- Good temps
- 6 Gu stations
- Crowded
- Poorly organized
> Dunno how fast the course is... someone said fast, but there's also a 200ft hill + a 100 ft hill.  Not terrible, I guess.

Snickers Albany Marathon in GA in March
- Timing in March
- Fast course
-  Lots of food on the course
- Not as interesting of a course, small race, small town

Ok... so maybe I'll go for either Albany or DC.  Totally changed my mind over the course of doing this.  I was going to just go for the Space Coast, but Mexico will make training so tough and adds risks, and summer training is tough, and I need to get over the plantar fasciitis and get my long-lost endurance back.

So between the two, it seems to be mostly a question of big city (excitement, fans, crowding, logistics, visiting friend), vs. small town (low-key, less risk).  Hmm... if I can minimize the risks of logistics and crowding by getting there early, it may be worth it to go for DC!?!

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