Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jul 26

I just shoveled a spinach salad with fat free feta, balsamic, and a can of tuna, plus broccoli + sesame ginger dressing, plus some goldfish into my mouth.  "Shoveled" is totally the right word, haha.  Pretty full now.

Why... FIT:
Just did a workout.  In the morning, my legs would not have wanted to work out, but over the course of the workday, they loosened up and wanted to work out.  I had coffee with friends (decaf, of course... well, "of course" whenever I remember... sometimes I forget, which is easy when you have a long list like "venti sugar free fat free [flavor] frappacinno").  It was good fun and good conversation.  My legs only 40% wanted to work out  afterwards, though.  It was 9:30 by that time, and it was dark and rainy outside.  But I had already dressed up and everything, so I was off to the gym.

Dinner was a bit different today.  Had lunch provided by work... turkey sandwich + fruit + peanuts from home.  At 4:00, had 75% light cheddar + a sprouted grain tortilla w/ PB + 100% fruit spread.  Had the frap at 7:00, then another tortilla w/ PB + fruit spread on my way to the gym at 9:30.  So very spread out, not as vitamin-packed as usual.

back to FIT:
Anyway, that's just to say that after 50 minutes on the elliptical + 40.5 minutes on the spin bike, I was hungry.  I was reading Shape magazine during both events, and the meal plan section sounded sooooooooooooooooooooooo good.  The proteiny ones really appealed to me for whatever reason.  Maybe b/c it has salt and is filling. 

Elliptical... those can give you really good workouts, given the right resistance.   Took a while for my body to start sweating, so perhaps it wasn't as intense as running... more strengh-y, due to the resistance I put on it.  It seems like there should be different angle settings for people of different leg lengths.  Anyway, it felt pretty good, besides minor right knee alignment.  Could've perhaps gone on if I had wanted to, and if I was willing to push the knee some more, but stopping at 50 min wasn't bad either, and it's better for my leg.  Stats... 6.35 mi, 500 cal, 50 min, level 12/20.  If that was running 6.36 mi (which is actually a really good estimate for what I could do in 50 min), it would've been about 400 cal, so maybe 150 cal or 40% too high, assuming I'm right that it was easier than running effort. (ref: http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,7120,s6-242-304-311-8402-0,00.html)

Walked around a bit afterwards, then spun.... spinned... had a spin session.

If you pick a workout of 40-45 minutes, the machine gives you a 40:39 workout... odd.  Anyway, 555 cal, 25.5 mi, 143 average cadence.  I like the spin bike the most between the elliptical, the erg, the recumbent bike, and the spin bike.  Gives me no trouble on my joints, unlike the others.  I feel like my legs get a good, consistent effort, more similar to what it goes through during running, but without the pounding.  If I ever get a home gym, I think I may even get a spin bike before I get a treadmill.

Just had a Back-to-Nature Dark Chocolate and Oats Granola Cookie with Skim Milk.. needed the sugar/carb hit after the fiber+vitamins+protein... good stuff.  Very full now, though.  Maybe too full to even sleep comfortably, which is different for me... I usually eat right before bed (2nd dinner or snack) most nights.  Broccoli's pretty filling, especially when raw.  I don't like it raw much... roasted with garlic and olive oil and salt is incredible, though.  Had it raw today for speed, though. 

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lindsay said...

sweat monster, i'm jealous! you also eat really healthy. hopefully that will rub off on me...