Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jul 5

By 8am today, I had had breakfast, worked for 2 hrs, and run 4 miles.  Sweet.

The downside... that was after going to bed at 1am and waking up at 5, so it'll probably hit me hard later in the week.  For now, I'm still fresh from two 4-hr naps this weekend. 

Speaking of sleep, lots of interesting new research on how much it'll do you good.
I could gain a lot from more sleep... less injury, better focus, better mood, better health...  why don't I do it!  Blah.  I wonder if there's some benefit from being awake but essentially zoning out.  That's what I think I do.  Probably not, compared to what you could be getting through sleep.

Today's run... the plantar fasciitis has turned into some achilles tendonitis as well.  Bother.  Still runnable, though.  I wonder how much harm there is in running through it. 

Achilles a little dingy this morning, but it was high time for a run.  Went fine.  Felt nice in the cool gym.  Would've gone to the park, had it not already been kind of late in the morning, but I probably wouldn't have gone far on the run anyway, and driving would've added so much rushing, so it was good to be able to tread it in.

A nice run in low light, 75 degrees.
4.0 in 30:53, 7:43 ave.  Splits> 8:14, 77:45, 7:34, 7:19.

Was going to do the strength session today, but I'm that dizzy kind of tired now, so I'm going to sleep now and do it in the morning.  Sounds like a good plan.

I'm eating a baby orange right now.  I can't believe I'm not sick of them after my orange marathon... too bad I only ate 25 and not 26 or 26.2, haha.  Well, I did always round down, estimating my orange count conservatively... so it's possible that I ate 26.2 oranges in 1.5 weeks.

Back to fit...
I'm kind of determined to do a LR this weekend, no matter how slow.  It'll help give me endurance no matter how slow.  I just have to get through it.  First step towards getting back in marathon training shape.

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