Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jun 30


Crashed last night at 7:30 expecting to get up after a nap, woke at 2:30, worked 3-5:45, did laundry, went for a run, expecting to be back to shower and get ready for my first meeting at 8:30.


Debated for a while whether I should run.  My heel's been a little swollen the past couple of days.  I felt it walking around, but it feels completely normal all of a sudden sometimes.  So I decided to work out.  Almost decided to go biking in the gym, but it was so cool outside, and I wanted to take advantage of it.  My legs were feeling decent, too.  I decided to give the NB 858s another try – this time, without insoles.  That worked magic.  The combo of overpronation insoles in an already super-stiff stability shoe probably overcompensated, which is why I really didn't like running in the 858s before.  This time, with the insoles that the shoe came with, it felt good, and I couldn't feel the plantar fasciitis at all.  Overpronation is supposed to be a risk factor for plantar fasciitis. 


So off to the run at the park.  I forgot my Garmin, but I have a good idea of the distance per lap now.  The run required a good bit of strength and effort, even though I wasn't going particularly fast.  Don't know what that means. 


4.5 in 35:44, 7:56 ave.  Not bad, I guess.  It was exceptionally cool for a summer run, but I was on uneven grass in a slightly hilly course.


Splits> 6:22, 5:59, 5:59, 5:57, 5:52, 5:34.

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