Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nov 7

Aaaah.  Intended 10 plus change, but it turns out it was a 12er.  Nice.  8:25 ave.  A touch above BQ pace.  BQ.  Mmmm..  12 is good, b/c I have 16, then 18, then 20 planned.  Racing 13, doing 10, then jumping up to 16... might've been a big leap.  6 over. 

Yesterday, went hiking w/ my Sunday School.  3.5ish, relaxed, enjoying photo ops in the fall scenery.  The Table Rock trail has nice big rocks, which are unique.  Turned around at the overlook.  Carried an extra pack, making my shoulders a wee bit sore... almost not noticeable, though.  Going downhill, totally somehow stepped on the top of my foot (oooh, they addedthe underline font option in Blogger!), but my oft-damaged ankles are now really flexy, and although the first few steps were like oooh, oooh, it was okay.  Also, one of my knees would have some connective tissue scream when I took larger downhill steps, but I tried to keep the steps small after that, and it seemed to help.

Was itching to run at times during the hike, but once we stopped for an early dinner and then a separate Dunkin Donuts stop, I got really tired.  The sun going down so early contributes, I think.  Man, going out to eat messes up my internal metabolic clock.  Feeling pressured to eat when I'm not hungry, I gotta get something anyways.  And then deep fried food makes me feel a little sick afterwards.  And when the quantities are over what I need, or if I'm craving or needing something due to macronutrient balance or just cravings and I don't, boo... not satisfied til I do get it, and no matter how much other stuff I take in, still not satisfied.

Anyway, the run... the knees were fine.  Still a tiny bit bangy, tiny tiny, but fine.  Wearing sox, they scrunched up at the toes in the left foot, which was uncomfortable... the tighter-fitting Oxysox are what I'd want to go with in a long race like the full, to avoid this kind of issue.  Took 2 water breaks.  Skipped the third, since I was close to finishng the run anyways. 

Splits> 8:36 b, 6:02 p short, 7:18 c, 7:24 p, 7:11 b long, 5:54 p short, 7:29 c, 7:26 p, 7:12 b long, 5:54 p short, 7:19 c, 7:12 p, 7:12 b long, 8:48 car.  Pretty consistent!  Yeah, didn't feel any slower at the end than I did at the beginning, which is good.  Good pacing, good fitness.

Very hungry last 2 miles, but I didn't eat the bar I brought w/ me b/c I was close to finishing the run anyways.  Hey, it's the 11 mile hunger!  Still there.  Didn't feel the 7 mi chills... maybe it's not cold enough.

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