Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nov 18

Took 2 whole days of rest... no strength as planned b/c too tired.  A meeting til 2am on Monday probably did it.  Considered doing the missed strength workout this morning, but my muscles/body was cold and not in workout mode.  Safer to work out warm.  Could've warmed up, I guess, but that would've taken time I didn't have.  I slept at 8:30 and woke at 6:30.  Seemed lke it would've been a lot... oh wait... that's 10 hrs, not 6 hrs.  Still so tired!  Ok.

Well, did 4.5 today.  Progression run on 1 degree tread, 75 degrees.  Wore the Saucony Paramount.  My right outer lower knee was hurting, maybe b/c for the first mile, I was using the iTouch, which rested on the treadmill console.  I had to stay kind of close to the console due to the headphone cord.  I was pretty close, afraid of hitting my arms on the treadmill, which probably messed up my form.  I put the iTouch away because of that, and the knee stopped having issues.  I had to do some form tweaks throughout to keep things rolling okay, but it was fine.

4.5 in 34:54, 7:45 ave.  Splits> 15:58 for 2, 7:43, (24:29), 7:37, 3:34 for 0.5.

Afterwards, some new recovery products!  Tart cherry juice!  Usually, I take no juice, which is just a sugar spike.  But this stuff is supposed to do a lot to keep down muscle soreness and inflammation.  The studies involved drinking it before the run, but it probably wouldn't hurt too much to do it after.  We'll see.  I also used the Cryo Cup, which... melts and leaves you in a puddle.  I used it while icing with two reusable cold packs.  I'm like eh about the product.  Something to mix in, but the packs take less work and is less messy.  I couldn't apply that much additional pressure with the Cryo Cup, so eh...

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