Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nov 13

After 2 years, I've finally gotten back to doing 16.6, with a 16.9er!  It went well... no big drop in pace at the end, like I used to have in Pton. I was going slower, which is part of the reason, but it was hotter, too, so the slower performance was understandable.  The best part - no injuries!  Even the knees were fine.  Looked kinda red when I checked about halfway through, but never poundy!

Ate 5 Powerbar Gel Blasts, which I really like.  I still think Gels are more convenient... faster, easier to swallow b/c you don't have to chew.  But the Gel blasts are probably my favorite of the solid running fuels I've tried... The Banana Strawberry Gel Blasts were surprisingly not sickeningly sweet like the Shot Bloks, Gu Chomps, and Jelly Belly Sport.  It was muted and tastey.  It was also not sticky... more solid than the others, which meant you got more of it into your tummy, rather than all between your teeth.  It was like it had a powdered coating, too, so no mess on your fingers.  Ate the 5 about 40% into the run, gradually.  Since it wasn't sickeningly sweet, it didn't make you feel like you had to have water immediately afterwards.  I could wait a mile or two before the water without any real discomfort.

Back to the run... umm... went out at 11am-ish.  Chilly at first.  Temps climbed gradually.  It was hotter at the end, but since I was lower on energy, too, my body didn't mind.  So if it is mid->upper 60's at the marathon, I at least won't be uncomfotable.  I may be slower, but it won't be painful due to the heat.  I did sweat a fair bit... I was powdery with dried sweat salt.  Very powdery.  My arms chafed against my body a lot.  Don't know why it's bee chafing the last couple of runs - never really happened before in my entire life.  Need to invest in lube, since it was burning uncomfortable.  But I wonder... a layer of Vasaline would clog up your sweating mechanisms, so that's a drawback... or you may still sweat, but it'll be mixed with Vasaline and just get kinda messy.

Wore a visor, n1224's w/ arches, shades, Oxysox.  16.9 in 2:24:12, 8:32 ave.  Above the goal 8:23, but it was hot, and just a day's rest after a not-easy workout.  Decent temps... can't complain.

Splits> 8:52 b, 6:22 p s, 7:33 c, 7:33 p (haha, perfect, even with the downhill/uphill), 7:24 b l, 6:13 p s, 7:33 c (woah!), 7:30 p, 7:25 b l, 6:06 p s, 7:28 c, 7:20 p (speeding up!), 7:03 b l, 5:55 p s, 7:13 c, 7:09 p, 7:10 b l, 6:01 p s, 7:03 b l, 9:08 car.  Nice... neg split for sure.  Best part... no injuries!

Afterwards, had a protein shake, a grapefruit, and a carrot.  Back at home, I started really craving salt (must've lost a lot), so I had tortilla chips with as much salsa as each chip cold hold, plus some shavings of 75% light cheddar.  So good.  Mmmm... salt.

Oh, I forgot!  A bee stung me in the tummy after mile 1!  I was like "what in the world?" at the stinging that suddenly started.  Then I saw the stinger in me... hard to pull out, maybe b/c it had hooks or something, but got it out and went on.  For the next few miles, it kept stinging, especially when my Nathan Shadow Pak would touch it.  I totally forgot about it after mile 6 or something, though.

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