Thursday, November 4, 2010

Houston Hype 1 - Pace and Fuel and Hot Taper

I'm 86 days out and starting to make plans. The course map has been on my office wall for a while, but planning really helps. I knew the course of Spinx really well, with its water stations, turns, roads, elevation changes, and mile marks, and I started studying that only a few days before.

To BQ, I need a 3:40, or an 8:23 pace.
To achieve my potential, I need a 3:23, or a 7:45 pace.
Big difference. But I think the smart thing to do, to guarantee and not sabotage my BQ, is to stick with the 3:40 pace group until maybe mile 20, then turn it up after that. I'll end up finishing slower than my potential, since making up 17 minutes in 6 miles requires about 3min/mile of speeding up... 5:23 for 6 miles... not possible. Thought about maybe starting to pick things up before that, but I'll really have no idea what to expect after 20 miles. Hmm... We'll see. I could probably go to 7:30... 6 minutes off... so 3:34. Dunno. Okay, so maybe this isn't fimed up yet. Or I could just take the BQ (look how confident I am now, ha... what a fool).

Seems like they don't provide gels. That's okay. Gelling at my own pace may be best anyways... maybe a packet every 5 miles... so 5, 10, 15, 20... 4 packs. That's a lot of gel. On top of that, whatever combo of water and Gatorade I'm in the mood for. Going by taste seems to work well for me.

Just now read a verrrrry interesting article on Hot Tapering... so I may be wearing sweats throughout my January runs, even though I usually go with a sports bra even in the snow.

Okay, so that's all I've thought about so far.

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