Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nov 20

Well, meant to do 18, but it turned out to be 19.2  Oh man.  I added 0.5 because I needed to use the restroom at the beginning - didn't wanna have to carry around extra water for 18 miles.  Then, I proceeded to do my planned route... discovered a calculation error just now, and it was really 18.7, not 18.  So Ended up with 19.2.

Wore 2 belts.  Shadow Pak to carry the iTouch b/c both my Shuffle and the Sensa ran out of batteries.  The iTouch ran out as well, half-way into the run.  It was okay... music in my head, ability to concentrate more on the run.  It was nice having the podcast while it lasted.  I had just read about the brain while running, how your higher level thinking parts of the brain kinda shut off so that more of what sustains the brain can be diverted to the sections that control motor skills.  That's why it's so mind-clearing to run.  Anyway, it was nice to just half listen to the podcast and otherwise zone out.

Besides that, I added my race number belt to hold a little capsule in which I placed 5 PowerBar Gel Blasts.  Ate 1 before the run and the other 4 within the first hour.  More hungry than normal for some reason.  This was an 11am run, and I had eaten tortilla chips, salsa, and 75% light cheese beforehand.  Dunno.  Luckily, I had also packed a mini 100-Cal Clif Bar, which I spread over the next 1:45 by eating 1/3 of it every 4ish miles.  Wore the UA calf sleeves... okay.  A little tight at the top, but no real complaints.  n1224's on my feet.

At first, the right outer knee that I had messed up a bit when running too close to the front of the treadmill would nag during uphills, but I was careful, and it went away.  Towards the end, had moments of slowing down a good bit, but it usually passed.  Good mental (and phys) training for the full.  Visor.  Used sunscreen this time, b/c I've been getting very tanned from just this one weekly long run.

That's about it.  Afterwards, an apple, a carrot, protein powder.  Then, once home, tart cherry juice to fight inflammation.  Then a nice hot shower. 

Splits... arg.  Missed getting some.  Don't really feel like typing it out, but I guess I just have to do it once, and it'll be saved foever.  Better to do it than not to do it.  18:19 p short including bathroom, 7:29 c, 7:31 p, 7:26 b long, 6:14 p short, 7:35 c, 7:34 p, 7:28 b long, 13:34 c, 7:38 p, 7:15 b long, 6:05 p short, 7:28 c 7:31 p, 7:20 b long, 6:10 p short (slowed down... now 2:12 into the run), 7:42 c, 7:47 p, 7:23 b long, 9:44 car.  I was taking baby steps up that last big long uphill.  Couldn't manage much more.

Great run, though.  19.2  Whew!

// 11/21 addition:
A couple things to note.  I drank water about every 4 miles... maybe 5 sips each time, yet in the last 2 of the 5 stops, I was getting pretty sick of water, like I had too much.  It didn't seem like the quantity would've been particularly much, and I should have been sweating some, especially in the heat.  Yet going by thirst, I'd guess that I'd had too much.  I didn't do any of that weighing before vs. after, b/c then I have to count the food I ate afterward and during, and the bathroom break, etc, and it's just a lot of trouble.  But I stumbled upon this from Sweat Science, and it's pretty interesting.

Also, it took me a while this time to get the right tightness of my left shoe.  Bother.  I'll have to maybe mark my shoelaces to get it right the first time at the full.  I would not want to have to stop to adjust my laces 5 times during the full.

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