Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nov 3

Today, I got the feeling that I work, run, sleep. While working, I'm tired, and I always want to take a nap after work before I run. But I'm also hungry, so I eat after work, and by the time I'm done, I have to get ready to run before the gym closes. Then, blog, log, and eat some more. Do dishes, a bit of TV, look how late it is. Wake up and do it again. Can't complain. I enjoy running. Work is hard, but it's satisfying to do a good job and to do your best, if only unto the Lord. Tired, but not nearly as bad as college.

Today, ran... glad to get a little farther today. A sign of recovery. I was still tight today at work, but at least no real kinks. During the run, had to concentrate on keeping high knees and butt kicks to keep my knees from banging. Kept good arm form, with the swinging also helping my legs turning and preventing knee banging. Right butt and maybe other parts of that leg got numb as I got faster in the second half, but nothing terrible.

6.2 in 51:38, 8:20 ave. Just under BQ pace. Oh BQ, you're within grasp! I'm so excited. Still have no idea how I kept up 7:20's for 13.1. Splits> 8:46, 8:24, 8:20, (26:21), 8:20, 8:17, 7:56, 1:31 for 0.2.

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