Monday, November 22, 2010

Nov 22

Work's hard work.  But I guess afterwards, you'e like "yes, finished it even though it was tough, and now I can rest for a little bit," just like you say after a tough workout.  Whew.

Slept just 5 hrs last night... was up late cleaning the apt.  I had a nice, deep nap after work and woke up really drowsy.  I think I woke by my internal alarm clock... maybe... since it was just a minute before my cell phone alarm was supposed to go off.  I was soooo out of it and so not in the mood to run.  No injuries, just very tired.  But I went out, just like you go to work even if you're tired. 

Anyway, once I was set on going out, I was physically ready.  Time to push the intervals.  Shake things up.  Keep the body having to adapt to new stresses.  Did shorter and faster intervals for a change.

The workout: 1 mi warmup at about 7.3 mph... kinda fast for a warmup, but I didn't want the sudden shift up to 10mph to be too much of a shock, so I wanted to have a faster starting point.  Then, 4x[1/4 @ 10mph, 1/4 @ 8mph], 0.1 mi "cooldown" at 8mph.  It was tough going that fast.  My right back was really tight, left over from yesterday's bike session (oh yeah... biked 50 min yesterday for 10.9 mi... stopped early b/c left knee issues that were okay afterwards).  That bike seat or maybe me is asymmetrical.  Boo.

Anyway, 3.1 in 22:30, 7:15 ave.  Wore the Saucony Fastwitch for a change from the Kinvaras.  Seemed okay.  Wore UA calf sleeves... still good.  Had tart cherry juice afterwards.  I think my body wants more calories these days.  Had trouble napping the afternoon after the 19.2 LR... I think it was because my body was hungry (even if my mind wasn't).  I need to be okay with eating more if I really do need it.  It's a bit scary to suddenly needing more, but I guess it should be expected and okay.

I really appreciate the healing powers of sleep these days.  Sleep = recovery.

3.1 is kinda short... only 4 reps, but I guess I can't log too many this week anyway with the 20 this weekend.

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