Monday, November 1, 2010

Nov 1

Recovery run! A fast one. Was it due to better conditioning following an awesome training cycle? or is it the usual speediness after the long run phenomenon? In any case, I'll take it!

Recovery has been going surprisingly well, considering the out-of-nowhere performance from two days ago. My ankles finally stopped feeling overused today, to the point that I felt safe enough to try running again. It doesn't feel that bad to go down stairs now. I've stretched once daily. Right now is the first time I'm icing, to keep the effects of pounding at bay. I can feel it coming on a little bit, but it's not bad. Good quality food. Not as many fruits and veggies as I'd like, b/c my mom's been feeding me a lot of rice and protein, leaving less room in my tummy for my usual produce and skim milk.

So my run... speedy, progression. 4.0 in 30:44, 7:41 ave. That's actually my new goal marathon pace. My mile, 5k, and half marathon PBs are now in PERFECT ALIGNMENT in the race performance predictor at I used to be super fast at the mile, slower at the 5k, and super super slow at the half. But now, I'm reaching my potential in all. Time to raise the bar, haha.

Splits> 8:20, 7:50, 7:24, (24:19), 7:08. Right leg may be a little out of alignment... some numbness, but not bad considering the postrace body. Wore oxysox and n1224's w/ stab... should try the arches next time. Was really pushing it at the end and was proud to manage a 4.0 instead of just the 3.1 as originally planned... actually had considered a 6.0 before I got started, but too much. Keep it real.

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