Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nov 27

First 20 miler! (20.3 in 2:56:28, 8:42 ave)

9xByd loop, 9am, 49-52-54-56 degrees.  GTC singlet, Nike soccer shorts, Pak w/ Larabar tht I didn't eat and 11 jellybeans that I did eat, n1224 w/ arches, oxysox, shufflt (2 hrs podcasts, 1 hr music), 1/2 L h20 stuck in the mailbox - lasted the whole run - took some every 4.5 miles w/o issues.  Varied the paths, so it's expected if the splits are different, but obviously, I slowed down. 

Splits> 19:08, 18:35, 18:59, 19:30, 19:36, 19:46, 20:10, 20:13, 20:27.  Last mile, my legs were tired, though they started getting a little tired from the third loop.  Poor pacing.  8:13 for my fastest and 9:03 for my slowest. 

Injury-wise, brilliant.  Only issue was my tummy feeling like it had a rock or knot in it from mi 3 onwards, but not a biggie.  Maybe made me desire food/drink less than I would otherwise.

Dad rode his bike w/ me the whole way, which is nice.  3 hrs on a bike!

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