Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sep 29

At work, I was feeling so fit to run. My legs had just enough soreness such that they were itching to run. By the time I got off work after nearly 12 hours, I was a bit drained. It would be more difficult to get out the door. Did it after a dinner that was fine but too big for 15 min before a run. Felt ponderous. Only 78 degrees in the gym, but it felt hotter than normal. Strange. The few miles I did felt like they lasted forever. The final part went by more quickly. Watched Hell's Kitchen.

n3's w/ stab (need to switch to arches), oxy. 4.5 in 38:27, 8:33 ave. Pretty slow and not even the 6.0 I had planned. At first, I was disappointed in myself for not nailing the workout, but you know what? I did what I could given what my body could handle. Yesterday's strength workout was no walk in the park, and it was on top of a bike session and the 11.7er. I did what I could, and that's good enough. Splits> 8:47, 8:44, 8:42, (27:06... wow), 8:23, 3:48 for 0.5.

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