Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sep 19

Last day to fill some miles in for the week. Cooler in the gym today. Not many miles, but wanted to have something speedier, since yesterday was the LR and I've otherwise had a whole week off from running. n3's w/ stab, pak belt w/ the iTouch worked really well... preferable to the imbalance caused by an armband with a hefty load.

4.1 in 32:12, 7:51 ave. Splits> 8:23, 7:52, 7:43, (24:45 5k), 7:30, 0:41 for 0.1. The latter miles were far quicker than the first one. I'm happy. My heart was working hard, though. I think I detrained. You supposedly loose 10% of fitness in a week. Yikes! Just a week. And I think it takes 2 weeks to get back every 1 week you lost. I have a 2miler in 5 days. I guess I'll underperform there, but it'll help me get some speed back. It's going to be a killer race - all intensity in something that short. I'll wanna start up near the front, since I'll undoubtedly be cranking it the whole way. 6:30 miles, is my guess. Yikes!

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