Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sep 26

Nice to nail a run today. Got to spend the weekend with my parents, went for a short hike yesterday. Took a nap after they left today. Then, through rain and wonderful 66 degree temps in the dying light, got in 11.7 in 1:46:14, 9:04. The distance is about 0.5 shorter than how I estimated a similar run months ago. Dunno if I mapped it wrong this time... time's slow, but I meant to go pretty slow. Keep it low risk as I just build up.

With the rain, the visor was key. Protected my shadowpak w/ the iTouch by pulling my shorts over it. Oh, I also brought Jelly Belly Sport beans (just ate 4 throughout... helpful, even in that small qty), which now come in a handy zipping bag. Since it also has the little slot for hanging in a peg in a store, I was able to loop it onto my belt. Wore 1224's w/ arches and oxysox. It started off a bit chilly with the temps and the rain, but it soon warmed up once I got going. Listened to the Marathon Talk podcast a/b Scott Jurek. The miles just kind of rolled by. Excellent. No real issues. I was initially concerned a/b a bit of a strained achilles left over from the 2mile race, but the run seemed to work it out, and it was not an issue. My right quad had gotten tight, but nothing serious. In the 2nd half, I noticed that I wasn't doing much knee lift at all, and that it was impacting my form. It takes less energy to do less knee lift, but it's ultimately worse for you, causing more injury.

Splits> 9:08 b, 6:26 p, 7:58 c (23:33... like 2 min slower than normal), 7:53 p, 6:41 b, 6:46 p, 7:57 c, 7:53 p, 7:49 long way to b (stopped at water fountain and drank maybe 15oz... thought about going the whole way w/o water, but why not drink if it's there... won't hurt), 6:38 p, 7:57 c, 7:30 p (sped up some, since it was getting dark and I just wanted to get back and was feeling good), 6:15 b (yeah, flying), 9:16 car. The last few miles were in super darkness, besides streetlights.

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