Saturday, September 25, 2010

RACE REPORT: BMW Performance Classic 2-miler

My performance was below expectations, but it could still count as a decent workout, and it's fun to see new courses, especially when it's on the BMW Test Track.

This race was held on a Friday, after work, at 6:30pm, just 4 miles down from where I work. The t-shirt was very disappointing... like t-shirts ran through a bad photocopier, and it was just to print a very small, simple, and not particularly artistic logo. Oh well. Next time, I'll go with the no t-shirt option. It was 85 degrees, and after I warmed up a big, I doused myself in cold bottled water. It had an incredible cooling effect. Did dynamic stretching, strides, then race time.

I started near the front b/c I had big expectations - 6:30 pace. Didn't work out that way, though. Maybe the heat, maybe the energy lost during the workday/workweek, maybe yesterday's interval session. The course was kind of fun b/c it was the test track, which isn't like a big racing loop but with many curves and loops, so that they can test the car's performance. I heard that the mile split was very off, so I won't even bother to give it. It had a small hill.

Oh, I didn't wear a Garmin - figured that with the curves, it'd be inaccurate, and it felt heavy, and I thought that I may want to try a race with pacing by feel some time. One negative result: I did my finishing kick way too late b/c I thought that we may still have a ways to go. If I had my Garmin (and if I could trust it with the curves), I'd know that the end was close. I'll know better next year, though, assuming no course changes. So I finished knowing that I could've gone faster if I had kicked earlier, but no big loss. You learn at each race, and this one was just for fun.

Wore oxysox... felt hot. Usually doesn' t feel that way. Dunno. Left achilles a bit strained afterwards.

Afterwards, the winner of the race came up to me and asked if I wanted a coach. He had seen me run at the last race and even remembered seeing me with my sister and dad, haha. Got his card... I'll check out his website and prices and think about it.

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