Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sep 8

Bleh. Feel sick from being sooo sleep deprived. I used to have 4-hr nights consistently in HS and in college, but at that didn't include naps. No more time for naps. Just 3-4 hr nights. Force yourself to wake up again to pound away at work some more. I get a weeeeee bit dizzy, as if my brain is trying to auto-sleep or something. My appetite is reduced, and although I know I need to eat something at meal times, nothing really appeals to me. Like even if I could've had anything in the world, I couldn't really name anything that I would want to have, let alone find something in my whatever-is-cheap-and-healthy -stocked fridge.

I really wanted to go to a class on James tonight, but since yestrday, I've been feeling like it might've been dangerous for me to drive... I don't think it would've been, b/c my adrenaline shoots up when I drive b/c I know I'm no super competent and want to be careful. And if I went, I'd be trying to get in a run in the dark on the fields without a headlamp afterwards (sans headlamp to avoid bugs flocking to me). Not the best idea to run on tricky footing when you're tired and your reaction time is dulled. So I ended up taking a 2-hr nap instead (felt sooo good to know that I would have such a long nap and have it only be 8pm when I woke up), then I ran on the treadmill.

4.1 in 33:04, 8:04 ave. I felt very weak during the run, and the miles went by slowly. So didn't feel like a very good run, but given the 84 degree + heat index and the lack of sleep, it was probably just fine. 1224's w/ arches, sox, mp3 right. Left way upper medial TA had some issues in the middle miles, just banged/swollen. Right TA was inflamed yesterday and today, although it didn't give me trouble on the run. Right hammie seems okay. I really itched to run yesterday, but with the hammy and right TA, it was really smart not to, because I think it would've caused injury for sure.

Splits> 8:28, 8:06, 7:59, (25:21 5k), 7:46, 0:43 for 0.1.

I've been taking Emergen-C on occassion during rough patches, just to protect my poor immune system and to use the vitamin B to get energized. Helps.

During lunch, I read an excerpt from Matt Fitzgerald's book Run about the mind-body connection. Sounds like a wishy-washy fru fru book, but it's actually okay, it seems. And MF is a very un-fru-fru, trustworthy, scientific source. It talks about running by feel, and it makes me feel very good about the way I've been training, without a plan. Makes a lot of sense, I think. Going by a plan in my state would bring on injury, since I'd force things that I can't handle. I plan my runs based on principles I know (many of which come from having looked at different plans), and based on past experience. So maybe I won't end up going by a 26.2 plan. We'll see. We're fast approaching the time when I'm supposed to start a 16-wk plan, if I did do one. Those seem to typically start w/ 6-mi's or so as the LR, and I'm past that, although they usually build up way faster than I've been able to handle in the past (although their training paces are probably way slower because I always try to push it). So we'll see. I did 9 2 weeks ago and 10 last week, but rather than mechanically going to the next logical 11, I may hold it at another 10 this week. If that was my only other run this week, it would actually bring my weekly total to a good number... 18, which is a good step down from the past two, which were 21.4. Very logical. But I may do the 10 but also have another run... like another 4, which would be 22, which is also good. So either way. I do want to get a 10. An 8 or something wouldn't be bad either, though, since it would be a reasonable stepdown week from the 9 and 10, and if there's a 4 on top of that, we're still at around 20 for the week. So all good. Many options. Go by feel. Yes.

Hmm... just looked at my Fav Foods section, haha, and realized that I would enjoy berries or oreos right now. Soy crisps wouldn't be bad, either. Mmmm. Too bad I don't have any of those and all the stores are closed now.

God is good. Work is hard, but he carries me through. I'd be so much more freaked out if I didn't know it was all in his hands. I just try my best. God gave me this job. I do it to support my friends and the advancement of his kingdom. Whatever I do, whether it's in this job or not, it's by him and for him, so no need to worry. That's something I've come to realize recently, and it helps a lot to deal with what would otherwise be pretty stressful.

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