Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oct 2

Yay-ah. 13.6 in 1:58:36, 8:43 ave. Pas mal. I didn't know if it would work, since I was pretty sore and banged up. 2 days of total rest fixed me up, though. Lots of sleep last night (11 hours, broken up by 4 hrs of cleaning the apt) helped as well. Work has been very busy, so it was good to have good excuses to take the time to recover anyways.

Nothing exceptional. 1pm-3pm, sunny. Nice weather... not hot, but shade was appreciated when I could get it. Took advantge of the water fountain 3x, which was easy, since I did one that section of the course 4x. Ate a serving of plums immediatey pre-run and 5 Jelly Belly sport beans during the run. Wore 3's w/ arch supports, which worked well. Oxysox and a visor. Shadowpak w/ the iTouch.

Afterwards, bought shoes from the local running store - they were on sale and a bit worn (says on the box "worn in the store only", but the treads are a little worn and fairly dirty, so I don't believe them at all, but they were good enough, and I only paid 1/3 of the original MSRP. Then, I used a massive 20% one-day only discount to get shades, new insoles, and a Vizipro rainjacket... splurged, but I've been eyeing those items for a looong time, and 20% is huge.

Splits> 9:07 b, 6:20 p short way, 7:39 c, 7:29 p, 7:27 b long way, 6:15 p short way, 7:33 c, 7:30 p, 7:39 b long way, 7:34 p long way, 7:36 c, 7:38 p, 6:14 b short way, 13:25 b to p to b, 9:02 car.

After the LR 6 days ago (11.734), I felt like I could do more b/c I took it easier than normal. It took a while to recover, though. Maybe it was the bike session. I only have 4.5+13.6 so far this week... 18.1. I'd like to get another 4 in tomorrow. We'll see how recovery goes. Oh yeah, also got calf sleeves for a low $10 today from TJMaxx. They work really well and keep my feet free while keeping the swelling down. The bike was an equivalent of 4, but I want the miles anyways.

After a shower, went out again to Oktoberfest. Watched polka dancers and German musicians. Fun, and a good way to walk around some to help with recovery.

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