Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sep 11

Gotta make this update quick, since I'm off to the airport in 30min. Got in a LR today, good for the week, and a good way to move a bit before a 10hr flight to Argentina. I -ed the course again today, and I came up with 10.9, not 10.2 like I had guessed using the Garmin. I won't bother to update my old post from last week, but I've updated my log book.

Nothing special about the run. Got in miles. My TA's had been swollen lately, but they were find today, thank goodness. It was 70 degrees and occasionally sprinkling. Ran with the mp3 in n3's w/ stability insoles that rubbed my arches and prevented pronation maybe too much. May switch to using arch supports always, instead of stability supports. No water or fuel on the run. Maybe could've used water, but it was fine without.

Splits> 8:28 b, 5:57 p, 7:09 c, 7:12p, 6:05 b, 9:20 car (44:14), 8:31 b, 6:12 p, 7:34 c, 7:09 p, 5:53 b, 8:42 car (44:03)... nice, a neg split by a little. Perfect. 10.9 in 1:28:17, 8:06 ave. Beat last time of 1:31:18... ooh, 3 min... it was 78 degrees then, so understandable. Can't wait til cooler temps!

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