Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sep 23

Debated for a long time whether to run today.
1. Yesterday, I felt as if I might be getting a stress fracture on my left shin. Was depressed all day because of it. Today, the left felt better, but the stingy feeling (with slight aggrevation when you touch/press it) turned up on my right.
2. Felt very tired after work this week, every day this week. So I'd have an extended dinner, trying to eat more to perk myself up, when what I really needed was to sleep or something, not eat past satiation.
3. Race the next day, so don't want to drain myself.

So I didn't follow the schedule, and I slept from 8-4ish (felt luxurious), did some PT, did the dishes, slept for another hour and a half.

Today, the right shin thing... being tired after work... eating to try to perk up but not feeling satisfied... time was runnig out before The Office seasion premier would show. Decided to run. Was feeling sooooo blah that running could only make me feel better, as iffy as I was about it.

So 3.1 in 23:48, 7:41/mi. Intervals, as planned, although a day late. Maybe not the best idea the day before the race. It felt easier today than it has in the past, thouh. 1 mi warmup at about 7.1mph, then 4x[9.0mph for 0.25mi, 7.5mph for 0.25 mi], 0.1 mi to finish up. No real issues. Right shin felt a little funny still, but the footstrikes didn't affect it.

Not sure how long it takes to reap the benefits of a speed session, in terms of neuromuscular changes, v02max changes, muscular changes. In HS, it seemed to do wonders, although I don't remember if it was 2 days before or the day before... probably 2 days before races, that we did those sessions. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

3's w/ stab. Oxysox. It's going to be like 88 degrees tomorrow... ridiculous. Not sure if I'll wear oxysox tomorrow. so hot.

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