Monday, September 27, 2010

Sep 27

Tough decision... get an extra, luxurious hour of sleep? run? (despite feeling a bit banged up from yesterday, I was excited for more. It's strange b/c yesterday, I thought about giving up the marathon and just specializing in the half, b/c it's far safer. I can do it w/o risking a stress fracture and having to take significant time off.) But today, I wanted to run. Things weren't moving smoothly in my general ankle areas, so biking seemed like a good alternative. But I was tired. I ate beyond satiation, trying to get energy... b/c I needed it? b/c I was just trying to stay awake? Anyway, too much. Decided to go for the bike.

12.1 in 50 min, 4:08/mi. 50 and not 60 b/c the gym was closing. But it was right on target... between the goal 45 and 60. It was really nice. Just listened to Marathon Talk a/b Barefoot Ted, w/ my eyes closed to give them a rest from screens, and pedaled away. It was nice. Turnover was really high at resistance 9. It was a good workout.

Plan for the rest of the week:
Mon - bike (45-60)
Tue - strength (60)
Wed - run 6.2
Thur - rest
Fri - run 4.0
Sat - rest
Sun - run 13.6

...something like that.

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