Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sep 4

Whew - slept about 15 hours last night and today... 9, then 4 hrs, then 2 hrs. Much-needed. Now if I could only do that for another week, I'd be caught up for this month.

Training is going well, although I am a bit tired of having to keep it up. I haven't even begun real training yet; ie, I haven't started a plan. I'm just in base mode, trying to up my average weekly mileage and up my LR's. Maybe my body's just tired from a lack of sleep, and the groany feeling will go away once I'm on a regular schedule again.

Today, got in my LR, just as planned. Since I did 9 last Sunday very well, 10 for this week was a good goal. It was about at the 10% level LR-wise, and it would bring me to just over 20 miles for the week. It went from 79 to about 77 during the course of the run. The latter part brought some extremely cool breezes. I wore n3's w/ stability insoles, oxysox, the Shadowpack with a cell phone, shades, and an mp3 on the left arm. I turned my right ankle a bit at around mile 2, but it went along okay. My right knee still has something tweaked in one of the ligaments, but my strides were short, so it didn't give me big issues. I had an apple 20 min before and a Gu Chomp plus water right before. Was okay without water during the run. Another Gu might've helped during the run, but it was okay without that too.

10.2 in 1:31:18, 8:57 ave. Kinda slow, but that's okay for LR's. It's longer than I usually go. Plus, it's just 35s off my goal pace. Splits> 8:48 (0.98 mi) b, 6:07 (0.68) p, 7:25 (0.87) c, (22:21), 7:26 p, 6:14 b, 18:18 b, 6:10 p, 7:33 c, 7:33 p, 6:10 b, 9:30 car. Looks like I slowed down. I thought it was the opposite. Oh well. Good run.

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