Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sep 18

A lot I could say about Argentina... a great first trip. Challenging, for sure, but I learned a lot. My team was super kind and welcoming. Had good food... not my usual level of what I consider optimal for fitness, but delicious. Steak and fish. An allnighter and a halfnighter. No real downtime, between work and meals, but got to talk with some really nice Argentinians at the plant. Tired.

10.9 in 1:31:07, 8:22 ave. Slower, but I was somewhat dehydrated from the week and from the long flight. And I videocasted for about 1/2 a mile. It was kinda hot at the start, too. Dehydration was the biggest factor, though. Wore UA compression socks, which were surprisingly hot, hotter than normal soccer socks, it seemed. Maybe I was just used to cold weather this week. Blaaaah. It will be good to get to my usual food. Wore 1224's w/ arches, shadow pack with the iPod touch, visor that I didn't need and ended up clipping to the belt, sunglasses that I didn't need... and might've lost the band to.

Splits> 8:32 b, 6:01 p, 7:16 c (21:49), 7:22 p, 6:11 b, 9:49 car (45:13), 15:04 p, 7:44 c, 7:30 p, 6:12 b, 9:21 car. Positive split, but glad just to finish. Maybe the less than ideal diet from this week clogged my arteries a bit. I could feel it during the week, and breathing was more difficult during the run. My legs don't have any chronic issues, since they had a week off.

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