Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sep 1


Soooo, today I went to Valley Forge National Park. I had two hours before I had to jump onto a teleconference call. I got my NP passport stamped (unfortunately, one upside down because I was so jittery... bound to happen), and I watched a helpful background video. The 40min walking tour was cancelled due to the heat... sad. But I found out it would've only been a quarter mile. The main park loop is 6 miles, and I had an hour and a halfish, so I decided to try to take in the park in that time by foot. It turns out that you can just drive it all, and you don't miss much. There are many soldiers' huts, and they're all about the same. There are a few special things, though, like the archway, the chapel with the justice bell... that's all I remember. Ooh, I saw deer. I got kind of lost. One part of the trail was under construction, so I did a detour. Turned out to be a good thing, because I think that path I had wanted to take would've taken me way off the main loop, and it would've been a long run indeed. I managed to come in just 10 minutes before the call, which ended up being rescheduled anyway. I went back to the visitor center to look at the exhibits. A good fun/fit combo! Progress was slow because I was wearing a backpack and a cotton shirt, and it was hot (96 degrees with no shade!) and hilly, and on grass. My back got chafed. Due to the wandering and siteseeing and some backtracking, I'll have to approximate... 6.0 in 1:00:00 let's say, just to make it simple.

Afterwards, back to Horizons! I had the BBQ Seitan atop potato salad. For dessert, Chocolate-Filled Beignets with a mini glass of Iced Coffee, plus the homemade Foccacia. Very good and very filling.

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