Monday, March 2, 2009

FAITH: A Glimpse Beyond

A wonderful thought that has been bringing me joy this morning: one day, there will be a great reunion of all my brothers and sisters, both present and from ages past. There will be a joyous celebration of Christ's work in redeeming us. We will truly see and know Christ and one another for the first time. There will be nasty truths about our former lives, but there will be glory in Christ's victory over sin and his faithfulness in spite of our rebellion. You'll know and love your brothers and sisters more fully and purely than ever before. Think about those who you don't get along with now, that you may feel anger or bitterness towards. They'll be there, too. We're all weak and fallen and stumbling our way through the process of sanctification. That future reality should transform and heal the brokenness of those relationships today. And then there's Christ himself, the one we've been waiting for *tears are welling up now*, the one who's been there behind the scenes the whole time, leading us as we grope through the darkness (often unbeknown to us). The ultimate source of all that is good and beautiful, who makes the most wonderful things and people on the earth seem like garbage. Live in light of that. Live for that.

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