Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mar 21

It was so hard to get out the door, and I couldn't decide between a Wm tempo vs. a 14. I need to do a LR some time soon b/c I'll be out of town next weekend at a tournament, and 3 weeks is a long lag. I wouldn't have time, though, b/c of a CW shift. I ended up doing the Wm b/c of the time constraint, so maybe MTW I'll do the LR. I can't do it F b/c it'd put me at high risk for injury at the tournament and impact tourney performance.

The run itself was good, and it's amazing how tiredness melts away once you get started. My left glute/hip/back hurt a bit, nothing serious, but bothersome. It's okay now, though, and everything feels mostly good. Tempos are tough, like go, go, go the whole way. Not as painful as a track workout, but it requires persistence.

Splits> 8:44 t, 3:42 p, 3:46 h, 3:59 b, 4:22 x, 2:37 wm, 2:41 x, 4:31 b, 3:46 h, 3:44 p, 3:49 t, 8:46 2. I'm pleasantly surprised about how I kept it up fairly well on the 2nd half. Total time: 54:41. Time at the b: 20:13. Turnaround time: 27:12. 2nd half split: 27: 29. Not bad. I think it's a PR on the course. Temps were good (45ish), but the cotton shirt retained all of the sweat, so it felt hotter than it actually was.

In fueling news, I thought I'd have to give up desserts for a while and just savor dark chocolate bars to get my fix. That wouldn't have been too bad. But tonight, I remembered an old delicious favorite, which also happens to be an even better solution: dessert sandwiches. Toasted Protein Bread + Almond Butter + 9 Chocolate Chips = party. It's so good and good for you, it's ridiculous. Everything you like about desserts in supercharged form. You get 15g of protein + good whole grains + healthy fat + fiber + vitamins and minerals + bit of cocoa. It doesn't get any better than this. I haven't tried it since sophomore year, I think, since we haven't had almond butter in a while. It works w/ PB, too, but AB's really good.

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