Saturday, February 28, 2009

Feb 28

Totals: 2:14:47, 8:01/mi, 16.2mi, 1262 Cal.

t: 9:11, 1.15mi, 7:58/mi (8.51 by watch)
h: 7:59, 1.27mi
b: 3:38, 0.5mi, 7:21/mi (4:16 by watch) - 20:48 so far
x: 4:41, messed up mileage count and gps timer
w: 2:46, 0.35mi, 7:52/mi - 28:40 so far
g: 27:53, 3.56mi, 7:50/mi - 56.35 so far
o: 9:12, 1.14mi, 8:02/mi - 1:05:48 so far
(stopped tracking lap distance b/c I wanted to view the one-way distance while running)
g: 9:28
w: 28:07
x: 2:51
b: 4:49
h: 4:21
p: 4:07
t: 4:13
s: 10:14
The return trip was 1:08:16 for 8.09mi, with 8:27/mi pace, burning 575Cal.

It was awesome running w/ AB and her guy friend J, since they pushed the pace and kept me working harder than I usually would. The average pace was 8:01/mi, and when I did 14.1 miles two weeks ago, I was running at 8:24/mi. I carried 40oz of water until Walmart, and then AB carried 20oz (stashed the other two by the bridge) until the 8.09mi mark, which I now call "o" for overpass," and then I carried empty bottles back to campus. AB's a better runner, and we found out about each other through super-frosh LB. She still had a lot in her at the end, so I told her to go on ahead during the uphill. She's going for a marathon in November.

The temps were about 32, with "feels like" 23ish. I wore long sleeve heat gear underneath the loose Philly Tech shirt. At the beginning, I was afraid I had overdressed, but it ended up being okay, with the coldness you feel as your energy levels drop. I was wet with sweat, I think, which made it colder.

For the last mile or so (which also happens to be the big uphill back to campus), my legs were feeling like lead. During the last 2 miles, my pace slowed considerably. It should be okay, since a month ago, I had gotten 2-miles-left lead-legs during the 14 miles. So I'm adapting. My right foot's laces were too tight, and I'm seriously feeling it now. Next would be my right knee, which feels compressed. The slightly swollen part of my left knee (see yesterday's post) turned out okay, and I decided not to use Aspirin.

Oh, and something funny I noticed. For the last two 14milers, I had been using green spray painted spots on trees to designate the 14 mile mark. Today, going farther, I realized that more trees were spray painted. That's their way of marking trees that need cutting. Thus, it's not a reliable marker. I'll have to figure something else out, particularly while the trees are still skeletal enough to allow the Garmin to work.

Cumulative: 128.6+1 (track)+16.2 = 145.8.
If I keep it up for another 10 months, it'll be a year total of about 875 miles. So far, it's been an average of 2.47 miles/day.

// day-after update: the "compressed" right knee is fine. the right foot with the too-tight laces feel fine. pretty much no signs of soreness. my left knee seriously hurts below the kneecap, though. i think it's the overtraining type of pain. it'll take a few days of pure rest to recover from. so... i need to train smart to prevent injury, but the no-soreness is a good sign of overall readiness.

Guitaring w/ DM, Mug Painting w/ LD & DM.

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