Monday, March 23, 2009

Mar 23

(Yesterday/Sunday: 40 min strength, including 3 min plank not too hard, tired at first and almost wanted to quit after entering the gym and again after first set of crunches but stuck with it)

I just wanted to get in some miles today and was thinking about an LR, since at 4:30 the track was likely taken by varsity, and I was in no mood for an all-out tempo again, since I was satisfied with the PR from the other day and don't want to have to see a slower performance. I kept procrastinating, though, for fueling and prepping reasons, which I guess are legit, and there weren't 2 hours left before dinner to get in a 14, so I decided to just do whatever I could before 6:30. It was "feels like" 34 degrees, with sunset at 7:15. I wore Pton sweatpants and a cotton tee comfortably.

I ended up doing about 10.46, which I'll qualify as a long run, since it's over 10. I need these longer runs b/c at Philly, my body kind of ran out of gas at about 7, since I had been so used to only doing staple runs at the time. It's good for my body to get accustomed to still having to go beyond the 7. It was 10.46 according to my calculations of 1.15*2 (campus to tow path) + 1.57*4 (tow path to bridge) + 0.95*2 (bridge to walmart).

Splits: 8:52 b (estimated b/c I forgot to push button after I stopped and considered going home due to left hip issues), 3:55 p, 4:01 h, 4:11 b, 4:41 x, 2:50 w, 2:52 x, 4:44 b, 4:15 h, 4:02 p, 4:04 t (slowed down on the way back from walmart, now turn around and go back to b), 3:57 p, 3:52 h, 4:04 b (really picked it up after the turnaround, faster even than 1st time), 4:02 h, 3:49 p, 3:52 t (even faster!!!), 9:24 2 (uphill and a strong headwind). Total time: 1:21:38.

According to my super handy predicted PR pace graph, the pace of 7:48 is just a bit slower than what my PR pace would be. Sounds about right. I had intended to take it kind of slowly and over time decided to pick it up because I was already out and might as well make it a quality run. Plus, my left hip is okay enough to run on but bothersome. Plus, right before t, there was a metal ring on the ground. I must've stepped on one end with one foot and then gotten my right foot caught on the opposite end, because suddenly, I found myself smack on the ground. It was kind of surprising. My right knee took a hit, and my right side was covered in dirt, but the effect of it on the running was nearly negligible. I may need to ice it later, but nothing permanent, I think. Last time something like this happened was after a BM pyramid, as I was running back up to campus. I didn't clear a chain that fenced off the road when I tried to leap over it, and my arms somehow broke the fall, with my face nearly hitting the ground. I was fortunate to not have broken teeth. I had a big black welt on my left shin for a long time afterwards, and my arms were sore from the force of breaking the fall (thank goodness for pushups) for a day or two.

Cumulative mileage: 184 + 6.2 (recovery post 16) + 5.5 (track) + 7.5 (wm tempo) + 10.5 = 213.7.

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