Monday, March 30, 2009

5eeK Justice 5K Race Planning

I should be thesis planning/writing, but...

The 5K is 5 days away. I already have my workouts for this week lined up. Today was Ulty practice, and Wednesday will be the same. Tomorrow, I hope to do 7.5 to get a new bike lock. It's kind of a necessity. Thursday, I'll just do strength, and I'll have an extra running-free day on Friday.

To beat my PB of 20:40 (it actually might've been 21:40 - it was at regionals, but it wasn't a big enough event to post results online.). Well, to beat 20:40, I'd need to run a 6:40 pace. To beat 21:40, I'd need to run a 6:59 pace. Based on the linear regression of my best runs since January, my predicted PR for a 5K at my current level with ideal temps of 40ish degrees would be a 6:25 pace, leading to a finish time of 19:47. Yikes!!! That's unheard of. I probably can't do quite that well because of the 41/61 temps and humidity left over from the previous two days' rain. We're racing at 9am. Oh man, a 6:25 pace is how I ran a MILE on Jan 10th. I have to keep that up for 3.1 miles! I have to go out hard and keep it that way the whole time. I don't know much about what 6:25 feels like, besides not far behind mile pace. Putting on the Garmin and having to watch it may slow me down, and it's not 100% accurate, especially with all of the turning. Luckily, there's not too much turning on this course. It also adds extra weight. Maybe I should just go all out and hope that I'm close to 6:25.

So to prepare... 1) stretch to stay loose. 2) sleep !!! - this may be a secret weapon. most of my runs have been done on non-ideal sleep, so if i do sleep, i may be able to open up a can of unrealized potential. 3) maybe on Wednesday go out and try a 400 or two at 6:25 pace. That means about 1:37 per mile... yeah, not far from how I go out on the mile. Hmm... GETTING PUMPED!!!

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