Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mar 11

Yesterday (Tue): 45 min strength. All the exercises are easier now, especially the outer leg raises, which suddenly shot up to 45 instead of the 20-25 I used to stop at. With pushups, I eeked out 2 sets of 40 w/ pretty much no pauses. The third set was just 25. This was post-CW at 11pm.

Today: 1/2 BM workout (a rest b/f the 400s), to prime my legs for Friday's FC, where I will try to break 6min for the mile. The conditions won't be ideal, since I have stadium ulty the day b/f, and I'm low on sleep this week, but you work with what you have. I overdressed again (a bad habit oas of late), with the UA long sleeve tee and shorts. I did the 3.5 mi (which includes a 0.5 warmup) in 20:56 + however long the warmup took. It would be excellent news 5K-wise if I hadn't stopped and still accomplished that, but I stopped. My 5K PR from about 4.3 years ago was 20:40. I felt pretty good today joint-wise before the run. The best I've felt in a while. Then, I took a nap and after the nap and right before the run, something in my lower back/hip on the right side hurt. It didn't inhibit running, though, and felt fine after the run.

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