Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mar 6

Wed (two days ago), a/b 40 min basketball. I did not want to do another strength session. It would've been like the third in 7 days, so I suggested bball instead.
Thur: Get-a-Grip hanging challenge at Dillon. I should've wiped down the bar before I did it, since it was greasy from peoples' hands. Kind of gross when you think about it. Also, I used a step stool to get up to reduce swinging that would've happened if I had jumped. Except because I didn't jump, I used a grip where my thumbs were on the same side as my fingers. I just asked ex-gymnast LG about the best grip, and she said palms facing, thumbs obviously opposed. I did palms away, thumbs inside. What an idiot. I got like 1:30ish. I had gotten 1:40 a couple days earlier when I practiced for fun.
Fri: Ran to Wm (but not back)> 9:21 t, 4:04 p, 3:57 h, 4:08 b (21:31 at this point), 4:37 x, 2:37 w (28:46 at this point). I was wearing the empty Diablo pack and felt really slow, perhaps because this is the first time I've run in about a week. Dude, I did the same distance 6s faster on the 16.2 mile run, and this ended up only being 3.75!!! I can't believe I lost that much so quickly! I would've run back, except I picked up a 2.1lb carton of whole grain Goldfish and 18x4 oz bottles of bubbles. I ran for 5:32 with all of that, but my knees, which are already testy, couldn't bear the extra weight with each step, so I hoped for the Tiger shuttle. And I saw one just as I was leaving the store, driving on the far side of the parking lot. I ran after it and the lady stopped. It was kind of dramatic. Her shuttle was empty, and she was happy to see me b/c it turns out that she had seen me going out earlier in the morning and said that she was proud of me for running all the way out there, haha. It was nice. So I got a ride back to the Dinky - we picked up about 4 other people along the way (none were students - all townies I think), so people do actually ride it. Distance probably about 4.2mi total. Guess what's exciting... my lap recall function still works even after you reset the chrono!!! I had reset the watch because I was going to time prayer time and then thought I lost the data when I was going to record just now, but it recalled anyways!!! The run was at about 7:45 am, b/c I woke up at 6:45ish from heat/bathroom/hunger or something and couldn't go back to sleep, and I had wanted to get something for KS later in the day anyways, so I just moved up the workout. Later at 3pm, we had ulty at Broadmead to work on the 2-3-2.

Walking to WCC w/ JG, BA, AM, LD, JW. Bubbles, poems, squirrel, talking, bathtub, trees.

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