Monday, March 9, 2009

Mar 9

Midterm week - reason to run less b/c I should be studying more, also reason to run more b/c stress relief is needed all the more and b/c it's a nice way to get out of studying for a while.

Yesterday (Sunday), I wanted to do a second track day in a row b/c the previous day was just so awesome, but I ended up studying instead and figured that it may be better to do a strength session at night instead. I ended up doing thesis instead of doing that 11pm strength session, though. Two points for studying.

Today, I thought I might do a track workout in the morning, but I had only gotten 3 hours of sleep, and my muscles were all tired, so I knew that I wouldn't perform well anyways. So I napped 1.5 hours and felt tons better, like new, afterwards. After my 3 hr class, I fueled up on Goldfish and a Sugar Cookie (not the best fuel, I know, but works well enough as an energy provider, even if it is disproportionately high in fat). Since my body probably has limited miles b/c of overtraining risks, I have to make the workouts I choose count. This means track, tempo, and the occasional long run. So I did a tempo 7.5 to Wm today, no pack, no shopping, so that it's a true representation of where I am. It was "feels like 44" and too hot in my EnduraFit Philly tech shirt and the Pton sweatpants, so I tucked the shirt into my sports bra and just bore with the heat.

Splits: 8:38 t, 3:47 p, 3:46 h, 4 b (20:12), 4:27 x, 2:37 w (27:17), 2:46 x, 4:32 b, 4:03 h, 3:53 p, 3:55 t, 9:29 2 (55:57). The splits aren't even, but that wasn't my goal. I kind of wanted to make suer I was pushing it on the way out to test my limits, and it turned out that I pushed too much, since I was slower on the way back. I just checked, and 56 is faster than the last two times I did Wm, which were 1:00:12 and 58ish (with bulky but light pack and shopping + 0.4mi extra). Yay for progress! That pace would make a 46min 10K.

Something weird happened. When I tied my right laces at t on the way back, it felt like a bunch of blood rushed to my legs when I bent over, and from that point on, my legs were kind of tingly and almost semi-numb. It might've been a boon in that it kind of dulled any pain in the knees that may or may not have been there, and it was more likely a bane b/c my legs kind of ran out of gas, and not being able to really feel them made that final hill arduous. Oh well, I'm happy with how I kept pushing and didn't stop at least.

Cumulative mileage: 145.8 + 4.2 (1/2 wf) + 5.8 (track) + 7.5 = 163.3.

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