Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mar 3

Yesterday: The day before, I took a much-needed recovery day from Saturday's 16.2. My left knee had limp-serious issues. Ice and sleep helped, though. Monday, a noon 40-min strength made all my joints feel decent again. It's strange how a workout can make soreness or even joint issues go away. I'm guessing it's the increased blood flow that helps carry away all the bad stuff. I did a 2.5 min plank with minimal effort, and 6 inches are becoming easier. That night at Dillon Ulty, I was able to run and do all of the injury-prevention exercises okay (ironically, I think the i-p e's do me more harm than good b/c I always feel like I'm on the brink of overtraining injuries). We ended up having a long mini-scrimmage time, which was rigorous and satisfying. Afterwards, we did sprints - 4x40 suicide. About/at least 4 people beat me. That's a lot. It makes me happy b/c it means our team is fast, I have heroes to look up to, and a high bar to reach. It's also like grrr b/c I don't like to lose. It's good to be humbled and to keep it real, though. Props to the Bockinator, Nina, and Vick.

Today: I ended up napping during my usual post-class/pre-2D workout window, so it looked like it was going to be another rest day, which wouldn't have been terrible, considering the left foot stress-fractury thing is still a bit troublesome. Today wouldn't have worked out for a track or WF run anyways because of the foot of snow we got Saturday night. But then I remembered the extended hours at Dillon and decided to go after KS. I hadn't done a machine since perhaps freshman year. I did the stairmaster. It was SO SATISFYING. It's like, why didn't I do this more. I've been only counting daylight hours and giving up on days like Thursdays where class eats all the daylight hours. Nothing is sore or tired after 40 min. My lower ankles... the kankle ligament/tendon/string/whatever is tight, though. The Stairsmaster was perfect for me b/c lately, I've been like completely unable to do squat-related or lunge-related exercises. Must be some kind of muscle imbalance from all the the LSD's. So I needed to rebuild some of that. Seems like stairs would be good for that. Speaking of stairs, stairs are a great workout, but going downstairs, your legs have to absorb 7x your body weight (while running is like 3x). That's a whole lot. So a machine is a lot better than actual stairs. You get all the benefits with little risk. Holla. So for today's workout, I built up to level 9 in the first 4 min, 11 in the first 7, went up to 12 at about 13, wenet up to 13 at 10, went up to 14 at 35, and 15 at 37.5, for a total of 40 minutes. Sweat fell like rain.

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