Friday, March 27, 2009

Mar 27

A bit of catch up to do, except there isn't much to catch up on. Today is Friday. Monday's 10 was finishable and felt decent afterwards, and that night, it was a good kind of pain as I lay in bed w/ my legs propped up, letting my body recover, heal, and adapt. The next morning, though, it hurt to walk because of the left hip thing, and my banged right knee wasn't great either. I took Tuesday off. Wednesday, I would've taken off again, but it was okay enough to do strength at night. Somehow, exercise sometimes helps stuff heal, so it was good to try. I did 40 minutes. Thursday I took off b/c I couldn't do stuff w/ all the the classes and commitments anyways, but my body was only about 80%, too.

So today, before the DC tourney, I wanted to do something, since I've only logged 1 run for the week and 1 strength. It would've been a nice track day, except it was already nearing 4:30 after my naps, and varsity likely had the track. Plus, I'm only about 90% now. I did the Stairmaster instead, for 30 minutes. This time, I got one with a working HRM. Here are the stats:

168 bmp, 10 min, level 13
174 bmp, 15 min, level 14
180 bpm, 20 min, level 14
186 min, 25 min, level 15
186 min, 30 min, level 15.

327Cal, 4.98mi (whatever that means... I can't even run 5 mi in 30 min, so I don't know what that's about.)

I was stepping-out-of-the-shower sweaty afterwards. That's what gyms do. Running outside is so much better - you get a free fan.

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