Monday, March 16, 2009

Mar 16

I think I know what "recovery run" means now. I took a rest day yesterday for my body to reset after the 16 on Saturday and wanted to do a shopping run today. I didn't make it a few steps before the bruise caused by the mile race's too-tight laces brought me to a halt. I tried relacing a few different ways to ease up on that pressure point, but it's kind of in an unavoidable spot, and undoing a level of laces didn't feel right, so I ended up just loosely tying it like I did for the 16, and it was okay. Aside from the bruise issue, my knees also had issues, forcing me to have to pause and readjust about 5 times before I ever did a half mile. Finally, things seemed to be going okay, thank the Lord. I was probably really slow the first mile, but I didn't get a time on it because with all of the stopping and starting, I missed some button pushes.

It ended up being a good day to run/shop, though, b/c at Wholefoods, they had a Nutrition Festival, complete with free samples and a goodie bag of samples of powders, supplements, and bars. They may be good to mix into whatever sports drinks I concoct for summer long runs. Oh, the summer. I'm afraid already. Today was a nice 55ish, and the Nike track shirt and basketball shorts were good, if a bit brisk at first.

Splits: 9:30 t (totally estimated), 4:21 p, 4:04 h (you can see me picking up some speed now as I feel better), 4:08 b (est. 22:05 here), 2:40 wf (est 26:45 here), 5:04 b (did the extra bit here), 4:33 h, 4:08 p, 4:06 t (was using fairly hard effort here, with pack and all, felt like this recovery run was needed to get my body back into running mode and cash in the gains from the 16), 9:13 2. Total: 51:53 (est) over 6.2 miles.

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