Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mar 31

I wanted to get some miles in this week, and it ended up being a shopping trip, since the second key of my bike lock broke - how can metal snap in half so easily? Must be my superhuman strength. Temps were good. On the way back, with 2 pounds of chocolate, a bike lock, and a bottle of shampoo, among other random things, my right knee started feeling the extra weight, and it was fortunate that I finished okay. I iced afterwards (after cooking, which meant a few hours of standing first). I also noticed that the downhill to t was kind of rough on the knees too. Downhill puts 3-6x body weight force on your legs. I never noticed how much more it hurt to run down that hill. I think I went faster once on the tow path, since I didn't have to worry about braking. I kind of want to take an aspirin, but I read this fantastic article: http://www.active.com/triathlon/Articles/Breaking_It_Down__Physiology__Running_and_Recovery.htm. Aspirin can inhibit proper muscle repair and adaptation. I also think I warmed up during the downhill. My legs were reluctant to move much, and I got only 4 hours of sleep last night. That probably had a lot to do with it.

Splits> 8:45 t (est), 4:03 p, 3:57 h, 4:10 b, 6:57 w, 5:01 1 (now with shampoo, bike lock, 2 toothbrushes), 4:51 b+ (now with 5 bars of chocolate, tank top), 4:22 h, 4:06 p, 4:13 t, 9:17 2. Total: 59:47ish, estimated. That's the time for the 7.5ish miles.

Cumulative mileage: 213.7 + 5.3 (track) + 7.5 = 226.5. This is the end of the third month, and the 90th day of the year. I've run an average of 2.52 miles per day. At this rate, I can do just under 900 miles this year. Maybe I can get that up to 1000.

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