Monday, March 30, 2009

Mar 29

Yesterday (Sat): Day 1 of Roll Call. 3x1-hr games in mud pits and miniature ponds. It was on nice polo fields, though. Temps were cool, although super misty. We went 2-1. We could've gone 3-0 if we had subbed and called plays to win vs. get in practice, I think. I had been concerned about being able to cut at all (my usual position) because even during the warmup run, I had to hold my left upper hip because it hurt. I almost asked to handle, but it ended up working out okay. The pain actually permanently went away during the course of play. The wonders of exercise.

Today: I had a lot of schoolwork to do, but I really wanted to get in a run, since I only did 10 so far this week, and this was the last day of the running week. I procrastinated a lot, going between reading Paradise Lost, sleeping, doing nothing. I thought about doing a junk shopping trip run, even though it was going to eat away time I should have spent on homework. I also thought about going to the gym, too, since my left arch feels very unsupported, maybe from all of the running in cleats yesterday. I also wanted to do a track workout because it's been a while, and I need to prep for Saturday's 5K. Eventually, though, I procrastinated so much that I ended up having no choice time-wise except to do the track workout.

It was warm (relatively) and humid, so even before running, the heavy organic cotton tee came off. The sun was out, and the track had puddles from all the rain. I wonder why they don't fill in the serious potholes in lane 1. Isn't it a hazard or disadvantage or something? I had an episode of Phedip on my Shuffle. I thought about calling it a day after the 200's. I kept going, though, and pushed through the desire to take a break after the first 400. I did stop after the 800, though, not for any legit bathroom reason. I was just so out of breath. I finished the 5.25 miles in 38:19. At that 7:14 pace, I could run a 22:24 5K. Saturday's likely going to be humid and warm, too. I wonder how much the fact that it's a 5K rather than 5.25 miles will increase the pace. I was sure to stretch afterwards, and I also stretched during my extended water/bathroom break. I put the tee back on after the break.

I went to NCC today b/c KS was performing. I think I'm going to go there from now. With less than half a semester left... why didn't I try it years ago?

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