Saturday, January 31, 2009

FAITH: Remembering the Giver

Running is something I've thrown myself even more into, finding joy in losing myself in the thrill of training and straining. (I mention "losing myself" because I once read this definition of happiness that I liked, that it was losing yourself in something greater. For example, when you lose yourself in God, you are so overwhelmed by his love and power that you forget yourself and all you see and care about is him.) Running has kept me going, kept me motivated with something to look forward to and a goal to press onward with. It's been with some apprehension that I've done this, though, since I know I'm sort of making an idol of it, but it's the only thing that keeps me going when I feel all else is lost. During the workout today, though, I thought of it in a new light. Running is a gift from God. I have enough health to do it (which isn't always the case), and the fact that I'm able to enjoy it shouldn't be taken for granted. And with gifts, it's important not to forget the Giver and to direct one's love to Him instead of directing it so much to the gift itself. He's given me something that can keep me going and in good spirits during tough times. I think Sheehan coined the phrase about "be[ing] a good animal." As I ran, I thought of myself as running for God, devoting my efforts to him, for the first time in my life. I've used the thought of running for him as a way to deal with the pain of running in the past, but this was a little different. Eric Lidell talked about feeling God's pleasure when he ran. This was something like that, although not quite as grand or happy. It was more like the knowledge that I was doing something that I was created to do at that particular point in time.

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