Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jan 6

Today's run: 1/6 - 6.3ish miles, split in half when I looked at peacoats. Splits at least on the way there were slightly better than they were at the end of last year, perhaps because I've gotten above average rest (around 9 hours a night), although it still feels like not enough. I'm slowly getting back in shape from the 6 weeks off from the ankle sprain (left) and then the hectic end-of-semester and then a long family vacation. About 2 miles into it, my left lateral knee hurt a bit, but I ran it off. I'm going to try to track injuries to see if it's the same problems popping up and maybe to see if there are any causes or cures. Today, it was hailing while I ran! I thought to myself "how good it is that my eyes are squinty naturally so that it doesn't get pricked by hail as easily." And it was cool sort of feeling like you had bullets bouncing off of you like you were a superhero. It was 32 degrees. I ran in short sleeves when I stripped off the black fleece about a mile into each leg. I like to feel not-hot. If I'm not in sandals, even in winter, my feet are too hot. It was totally fine, since the body heat and the cold air cancelled each other out, so that I wasn't cold, but I wasn't sweating, either. People may think, "what's wrong with Jen, wearing so little clothes - does she enjoy the pain?" No! Pain and discomfort would be trapping my feet in hot shoes or feeling hot in too many layers. Oh right, I was going to record the splits: 9:23 (tow path), 4:11 (pebble), 4:10 (hill), 4:20 (bridge), 2:56 (tree), 5:01 (long way to bridge), 4:49 (hill), 4:37 (pebble), 4:27 (tow path), 10:27 (2d) - TOTAL: 54:21.

Cumulative total: 6.6+2.2+4.4+6.3 = 19.5.
and that was 6.6 - 2.2 - 0 - 4.4 - 0 - 6.3.

Since I didn't mention anything about the 4.4, I wanted to quit at around 3. I was tired. Maybe just out of shape. Did it, though, since I knew I'd regret not finishing the loop.

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