Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jan 15

Another day of sweet freedom. I leisurely woke up this morning and saw lots of snow coming down outside. I went to 2d for breakfast in flipflops, and my feet got painfully cold. Maybe when there's snow, I'll put shoes on. After breakfast, I checked my email, one of which was CL's invitation to do tray sledding or xc skiing. I called her and went over, and we decided to ski on the golfcourse. There was only about an inch and a half, but we had a few good runs, very leisurely.

The real fitness for the day was the strength session at the gym. 40 minutes. This included my first time on the Viper rope-climbing machine, 4th setting (halfway), for 2 minutes or so, burning 50Cal. Interesting. Oh man, 6 inches was terribly difficult today. Dunno why I'm so out of shape.

At dinner, nobody else showed up to cook, so I made everything by myself - a first, I think. It was incredible, too. There were stuffed red bell peppers with grated carrots (found in the fridge from Jan 13), brown rice (found in the fridge from who knows when), black beans (found in the fridge from last night), and onions (fresh, haha). I added a bunch of garlic spices - Mexican seasoning & cayenne, and topped it with a big can of tomatoes. The bells were microwaved before I stuffed them and tossed them in 350 for 15. They were great. I also made VWaV's cajun fries w/ sweet potatoes and a pot of brown rice.

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