Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jan 7

I used to obsessively record when and what I ate, 1) to make sure I had a balanced diet (vitamins, protein, calcium well timed to maximize its absorption), and 2) so that I would be less tempted to overeat. I had a strong need to do it before, so that even when I was on trips, I wrote down what and when on napkins or scraps of paper so that I could blog it later. No longer the case. I still time it and mentally keep track of the spread, but there's no need to record, since #2 isn't an issue anymore. I feel like simply listing today just because the variety is interesting, and these can make for good meal ideas in the future.

Breakfast: Lowfat yogurt w/ banana-flavored granola; Apple.
Lunch: 1/2 WW Pita... oh the old "WW"... with turkey, sprouts, tomato, ccc fine herb dressing, shredded carrots (sounds amazing, doesn't it? it was good); Mixed Greens w/ shredded carrots, cherry tomatoes, fine herb dressing; Broccoli Rabe (with a very strange taste - like perhaps there's something wrong or old about it, but maybe it was garlic. it's not bad if you know for sure it's healthy. a very different taste, that's all. i'm still alive, though, so it must've been fine); Skim Milk; Goldfish; Airplane Biscoff
Snack: Microwaved cut-up Sweet Potato (cut it up into less-than-one-inch cubes, put it in a mug, and microwave for 2.5-3 minutes... how's that for a recipe?) tastes liked baked goodness and is even a tiny bit burnt-crispy!
Dinner: Onion & Portabello Soup (excellent by Sam B); Broccoli & Tofu Ginger Stir-fry; Vegan Gingerbread Cookie with Mint Extract (an unexpected but incredibly delicous touch!); Skim Milk
Snack: Fair Trade Hot Cocoa; and then repeats - Yogurt w/ Banana-flavored Granola; Onion & Portabello Soup w/ few chunks of tofu

Mud layout in raining, near-freezing weather w/ JH & LG.

about 30 min of low-key conditioning at ulty. Oh, but one thing I learned: stairs can actually be interesting. I've liked stairs as a workout (although I only did it once, w/ VC), but it did seem only a little more strenuous than walking, especially since stadium steps tend to have low rises. And then there's the risk of hurting knees going down the steps, and the risk of falling. I could go 2 at a time, though, to make a pretty good workout.

Part of the conditioning today was stairs:
1. every other step
2. every step
3. every other step
4. one foot going up halfway, switch (challenging)
5. every other step
6. hop 2, down 1 ** (great - like box jumps, although a bit scary, if you hop down too much...)
7. every other step
8. rest 1 min & repeat

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