Friday, January 2, 2009

GEAR GUIDE: Cell phone/ Music Player

I got an LG Decoy phone recently. Now, when I carry it, it serves not only as a phone in case my parents want to ask where I am, or if I get stuck somewhere on a run and need a ride, but I can also listen to music. Like the iPhone, it'll play songs aloud with its built in speakers. The sound quality is good, particularly indoors. Outdoors, the highest volume level isn't enough anymore because of the sounds of cars, nature, and kids. I often have to hold it up closer to my ear, making less than efficient running form. Since my Shuffle is at school, though, it's good enough. It comes with a built-in bluetooth, which is an awesome feature, but I've been too risk-averse to try running with it in my ear, since it may fall out and get crushed or something.

What I'd really recommend is that anybody working out put podcasts to listen to on whatever music playing device they have. The ones about training or nutrition are informative and motivating, and they are really good at keeping your mind off the pain or the mileage. Time flies by when you're concentrating on something else. I put a variety of podcasts on the Decoy recently. I just googled sports nutrion or running podcasts. Good ones are and There are even ones where the hosts are actually running during the show, so it feels like you're running with someone. It was kind of funny. A good idea, though, that may lead to something even better. You could put running training programs on podcasts. You could do fartleks with it or something that's not straight-up distance but time.

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