Friday, January 9, 2009

Jan 8

Fitness Challenge 2 of year 2008-2009.
Mile time was a sad 6:27 (1:33,1:38,1:39,1:36). Actually, we did a little more distance than we usually do, so that may take off 3 seconds, so we can say 6:24. Previous times were 6:15 (on 10/19/08), 6:19 (around 5/3/08), 6:22 (around 3/15/08), and something bigger for the one before that. So after 4 consecutive improvements, I'm back to square one. Easily fixed, though. One pyramid track workout will cut down at least 5 seconds, probably. Even half of a pyramid would. The other events were uninteresting or results doubtful.

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